Loose Slot Machines and Where to Find Them

Loose Slot Machines and Where to Find Them

There are five key locations where “loose” slots are usually located within any casino.

What is a “loose” machine?

“Loose” slot machines are those elusive machines that are paying out 96-99% of the monies that are deposited into them by casino players. The average payouts casinos put on their machines are 83% and 99%. Most players are so anxious to get started with the feeding frenzy that they randomly start throwing their money into machines hoping for that special “lucky” machine that will pay off huge dividends for them.

Smart slot players know there are systems to be learned in order to increase the odds of winning big at slots. One of those systems is simply the placement of top “Loose” machines. No need to sell myself as some slot expert, I’m not. It’s simply common sense once you know the system.

The Top 5 locations

There is no guarantee that you will hit big at just any machine within these locations (that’s why it’s called gambling, folks) but your odds are significantly higher if you understand the casinos logic in slot placements. After all, you don’t think that they just throw the machines out onto the floor space in a namby-pamby fashion, do you? They are too smart for that. The smarter you are, the better your odds of beating them at their own game.

  1. Next to the cashiers’ cage – Lots of people standing in line with nothing to do but look around and watch others play. If the machines near them are buzzing with noise and surrounded by squealing guests, how long do you think it will take for them to jump right back to the machines as soon as they are done at the cashier’s booth?
  2. Near the restaurants and snack bars – Casinos have these places to keep their guests from leaving when they get hungry, not to make more money. Most times they will feed you for free with your comp points and such. Their mentality is basically “hurry up and finish eating and get out here and play some more”. Again, the sights and sounds of winning machines helps to lure them back onto the playing floor.
  3. On elevated playing platforms called “carousels” – Not all casinos have these, depending on their size and layout. If the casino you’re playing in does, you can be assured there are loose machines lurking nearby. This is another location that is highly visible by a great number of players. They don’t necessarily want you to play up there, they just want your greed juices flowing enough to keep playing the slots period.
  4. Crosswalks or “slot aisles” – Reasoning for placement here is simple: as in “why did the chicken cross the road”… “why did the slot player cross the slot aisle?” To get to the other side, silly. The other machines. They don’t want you to lose interest, not even for a flash moment. They want you thinking “Hurry up! Look at everyone winning here. Where’s an empty seat?”
  5. Areas containing slot machines owned by the slot machine manufacturers themselves. Usually these are freestanding kiosks located on the main playing floor of the casino. Oftentimes, the manufactures put higher payout percentages on these machines compared to the casinos machines. My opinion on this is likely they want to sprout an interest in their particular branded machines. (not manufacturer names but slot brand names such as Popeye, Blondie, Wheel of Fortune, etc. Trick is finding out if they are the casinos kiosks or the manufacturers.. but ask! One of the employees that are wandering around just may tell you!)

I sincerely hope that gaining a better understanding of slot machine placement will help you increase your odds of winning big on your next trip to the casino. And remember, as Kenny Rogers is so infamous for saying “know when to walk away… know when to RUN!” Don’t leave your winnings behind. Be selfish and remember to take them home!

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robert weatherspoon, posted this comment on Jan 9th, 2008

i want to know can you beat slots the smart way

Ralph Moccaro, posted this comment on Oct 15th, 2008

Regarding Video Poker- I found a loose video poker machine but it seems that on some days it does not pay out as expected. Can a casino change a loose machine to a regular payout at any time? Are there controls to modify this without going to the Casino Control Commission?

youngwriter, posted this comment on May 16th, 2009

Great info but I try to steer clear of gambling I do get a sratch off once in a blue moon. Thanks for sharing:)

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